• From left to right: Gaëtan Cormier, Jean-Claude Charest, Arthur Thibault, Nicole LeBrun ( Chief Administrative Officer), Jean-Guy Levesque (Mayor), Lynn Levesque (Administrative Assistant/Clerk), Claude Bernard, Céline Savoie (Deputy Mayor), Julien Ouellette.

    The mission of the municipality Council is to provide Atholville residents with high quality services combined with rigorous, accountable and transparent management. The municipal council oversees the entire village administration and is composed of the mayor and six councillors, elected for a four-year term ending in 2025. The mandate of the municipal council is to determine the general policies of the municipality, adopt municipal by-laws and resolutions, approve the budget, set the tax rate and ensure the proper functioning of the municipality. Councillors must represent the citizens of Atholville's three areas, participate in municipal council decision-making, participate in community life, sit on intermunicipal committees and, finally, study, question and approve the budget.